Sunday, March 14, 2010

Its hard enough just dealin with real life
I just cant do it my whole manhoods just been stripped
Im walkin these train trackstryin to regain back
the spirit I had fore I go back to the same crap
To the same plant and the same pants
i gotta move asap

i kiss my lil sister goodbye
i don wanna look back
i get upset coz i aint grew up yet
the pressures too much but m tryin to do wats best

And I try sit alone I cry
I wont tell no lie, not a moment goes by
That I dont pray to the skyplease I'm beggin you God
Please don't let me a prisoner like the guy in machinist

i feel like a lil sceptacle who i hang out with
But Ive learned, its time for me to U-turn
it only takes one time for me to get burned
Ain't no fallin no next time I meet a new girl
I can no longer play stupid or be immature

but m no more stupid
i wanna show wat this world needs
m no longer scared now m free as a bird
sorry mamma i m grown i must travel alone
i ll walk on the road of emtiness and give it a life till i die....