Thursday, March 18, 2010

The lonely White Pigeon

6 am standing on the gallery
wat do i see...a lonely white pigeon
people would fly pigeons like you
To carry their messages
People knot the string of sacred love
They would kiss them and expose them
In the air with blissful passion

You symbolise PEACE but i cant find it in you
Just fly... use your lovely wings and swing it in the air

But no it seems you are as lonely as me
Sittin idle on the branch of an old palm tree
I rejoiced for a bit that i ve got a company

Somewhere in my mind you call to me
A flutter of soft white wing
who knows your thoughts where you go
when gone
just sail myfriend through the sky
From dusk to early dawn....

Tomorrow at dawn when the wind is light
You can see your flock high in flight
Go be with them there s nothin out here
dont waste your time in this world of salvation,lies n treachery
for humans are sick n mundane
just fly my friend without fear

Next day at 6 me on my gallery
i see the old palm tree the White pigeon is gone:(
i feel sad my only friend has left, but happy for the pigeon too as its
sailing with its friends with the Wings of Victory........

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