Monday, June 28, 2010

My Paper Heart

My paper heart is bleeding

The yearning in the Paper heart

This confusion in my mind

The words ve left unspoken

Haunts me all the time

Everyday i watch pass by the emptiness in my life

and the whole in My paper heart where only you belong

Sometimes on those busy busy days

when you ve a thousand thigs to do let me glide slowly though your mind

and spent some time with you

In the quiet time

When you are surprised to fine me there

just remeber with the distance between us

I am still someone who cares...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

BoReD !

Bored of Life

Bored of Death

BOred of pain

Bored of Pleasure

Bored of Internet

Bored of the word Fuck

Bored of my stupid luck

Bored of writing Poems

Bored of Getting Comments

Bored of Cheking my mail

Bored of trying to fail

Bored of failind to fail

Bored of Silly tales

Bored of Vodka

Bored of Whiskey

Bored of getting HIgh

Bored of trying to Die

Bored of the Ends!

Bored of the LOnely nights

Bored of days so Bright

Bored of typing like mad

Bored of being glad

Bored of studies

I am so bored , Wish i Dont Bore you with


Ha ha...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I ll be two steps behind you...

This ones for Naina a very special friend of mine.....

I will support you when the days seem so dark
when you feel that you cant stop the pain in your heart
I ll be there for you and i ll hold your hand
Together we ll make it out of this shadowland!
Never forget that i think of you often wondering how you are
and if you ve forgotten or if you are cryin alone with your pain
Thinking its hopeless that you are to blame....

I hope you arnt because it isnt your fault
you ve just become a victim to the bad side of love
Dont you worry dear cause it happens to most of people in their life
And it hurts a great deal worse then knife

I ll console you and help you to see
that although things seem awful one day you ll be free
Free from your heartache to go on with your life
I ll be there to see it and secretly mine
Just remember I ll Be two steps behind you....:)