Monday, July 18, 2011

Everywhere dreadful sights u can see
Life of innocent people are taken at stake
Reality which is absurd feels like a fake
Terrorism ruins the act of humanity
What would one expect to happen tomorrow?
To curb the terrorism people of the world should become one

I have always desired since the time i inhaled my
very first breath
AWorld Of friendship and eternal peace healing the most
horrifically gory wound with the balm of Love
and although I indefatigably pray to the Almighty Lord
Believe me IT can wholesomely manifest into an unshakable reality
with ME and YOU and ALL of us on this colossal planet united together....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


He speaks
To anyone who will listen
About the wonders of God
Not because he believes
But because he needs to believe

In the end His faith remains unshaken
Faith in others,Faith of life
Faith of love
And faith
That he has no faith to speak of
Except needing to talk about
His need
To believe

A poem by C.J krieger
thought of sharing it