Friday, July 2, 2010

The Mysterious girl

I saw you sitting on the porch

your sparkling blue eyes

your incense bearing hair waving with the wind

Your beautiful

I was stunned by your presence

Blood rushing through evry vein gave me goosebumbs

you looked at me gave me a smile..

Oh god thats was the best moment of my life

Felt like my life had a meaning yeah i was in love

Time passed by you had to leave

the nxt day i came i saw nothin but a virgin land

Even the trees gushed out dew drops from their leaves

YOu never came

The Mysterious Girl i give you name...


  1. Beautiful as usual :) You love blue and green eyes, yeah? :p

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  3. Wow, i really love your poem. It is so heart touching poem, it seems like that you wrote this poem from the bottom of your heart. Its hard to find true love now a days. Everyone wants to play with feelings no one care bout heart.
    Thanks for the wonderful poem.
    Best regards
    Eric Stalker
    (Moscow Mule Cups)

  4. Hello Dear,
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