Monday, May 24, 2010


Falling for you was a bad mistake
I gave you my heart but not for you to break
But breaking my heart was exactly what you did
I gave you everything you wanted
Hell I m not that dumb
Dumb enough to fall for someone like you
How could you fix your mouth to say you love me
I treated you right you treated me like shit
Those good and bad memories I could never forget
No more sitting in my room crying
Because of your cheating your deceit your lying
All you put me through just made me stronger
I had to go couldnt stay with you any longer
Out of all of the fighting all of the stressing
The only thing you are good for is my lil blessing

I just can’t believe the shit I fell for
Like at 3 in the morning and you were just walking through the door
Laying in your bed waiting for you, I was so dumb…WHY??
Now because of you no girl has a chance
To even come at me with that fake romance
You put a hole in my heart that might never heal
Well maybe not now but one day it will
Again thank you for my joy growing inside of me
I‘m glad it’s over because now I can finally breathe!!!!


  1. Loved it. Felt it :)
    I can now really finally breathe :)

  2. Aaaaww!!
    This was so sad but really beautifully put across, the pain could be felt! LOVELY!

  3. Loved it. Felt it :)
    Now I really can breathe :)

  4. It's really lovely, and realistic. :|
    Good job. :)